Y2k Bug

Y2k Bug

computer problem

A computer black display on start up is a challenge for me and I always try to trouble shoot the issue manually, without utilizing these fancy programs, as a result of I imagine it is the only approach to study. If the computer is on but the screen is clean, there could also be a difficulty with the connection between the computer and the display. First, verify to see if the monitor is plugged into an influence level and that the connection between the monitor and computer exhausting drive is safe. If the issue is on a laptop, then you could have to get an expert to repair it as a number of the inside wires may be worn. A “desktop computer” is a small machine that has a screen . Most folks maintain them on high of a desk, which is why they’re referred to as “desktop computer systems.” “Laptop computer systems” are computers sufficiently small to fit on your lap.

computer problem

I just presumed the computer would begin up and inform me there was no keyboard current…which it’s meant to do…but no…that might be too simple and obvious. I shut it down and subsequent day it might boot up however the show wouldn’t come on just a orange gentle on it.

Repair 1 Update The Drivers

Both laptops and desktops are called personal computer systems, as a result of one person at a time makes use of them for issues like playing music, surfing the online, or taking part in video video games. For instance, if they had to launch a rocket ship, they wanted to do a lot of math to ensure the rocket labored proper.

It will attempt to load then a flash of a blue display screen the black to the identical black. Hello, I just recently obtained the black display, approx 2days from now. I can’t seem to determine the problem, I keep in mind my Norton Anti Virus said there was issues that got resolved as far as malware/virus go. Please let me know what additional actions I can take to assist solve this, I really don’t need to resort to restoring my computer. Computers can do bizarre things…and get black screens for any reason in any respect…You should have seen me once I was troubleshooting a black display screen and found out after hours of work that it was the keyboard plug with a bent pin.

Nor can I hit the F12 key because no matter what I do it takes me to “Press F1 prime continue (results in black screen/cursor) and Press F2 enter SETUP” which has options that I don’t understand. I assume this has something to do with voltage but it may apply to something.

I had it checked out and it was the video card. The place the did the work for me gave me a video card the other day and i put in it final evening. When i plugged within the monitor into the video card i got nothing on the monitor. All i obtained was the card and my computer did discover it and told me it was a ATI Radon 7000 series. I went to the web site and downloaded the drivers for it however i still get nothing. I am using my on board video to get my monitor to work. i try start window normally , it start like normal but after the signal of window xp it going to black again and the same instruction popping out.I strive different option however nonetheless can not open my computer.So what should i do?.

  • Nevertheless i went to BIOS(its an AMI BIOS in an Alienware Area 51m 766 laptop computer that’s a 2004 mannequin!!) and adjusterd the proper time and date.
  • Everything at boot was working nice, i entered windows xp and every thing ok.
  • Suddenly at statup, i obtained a message telling that the CMOS Battery was low and I’m unsure if the message also said to change the CMOS Battery, or to obtained to bios and modify the correct time and date.
  • Now, let me tell you what occurred to my laptop.

.I even have try to unplug the wire in the back of cpu however nonetheless it occur .Please help me. PC froze after successful reboot and now I get a black display screen with a cursor. I can’t boot into safe mode either by urgent the F8 key.

These analog computer systems used analog circuits, which made them very exhausting to program. In the Nineteen Thirties, they invented digital computer systems, and soon made them simpler to program. However this isn’t the case as many consecutive makes an attempt have been made to bring arithmetic logic to l3.Analog computers are mechanical or digital units which remedy issues.Some are used to control machines as well. This reminds of the great old days, repairing computer systems but the one difference is that I had a pile of 20 in front of me. I at all times used to put the black display screen jobs until the end as they always took the longest… The funny thing is I never did it the easy method as a result of I wished to know every problem and every resolution. I still don’t know all the solutions to this “black screen” thing.