Computer Engineering: Here’s a Line of Job Prospects and Salaries

Computer Engineering: Here’s a Line of Job Prospects and Salaries

Computer Engineering: Here’s a Line of Job Prospects and Salaries

Computer Engineering: Here’s a Line of Job Prospects and Salaries

Computer Engineering: The computer science major is one of the majors with the most demand, such as informatics engineering.

These two sciences are indeed very much in demand everywhere. Sometimes computer science and informatics engineering are called the same major, but they are actually distinctly different from computer science.

Computer science is more focused on the theory and strategy of applying computer science, such as programming techniques and software algorithm analysis. As a fresh graduate majoring in computer science, the salary for beginners is IDR 4 million – IDR 10 million, quite fantastic right.

Here are the jobs of Computer science graduates:

1. Software Architect

Here they apply technical standards to the company and they expect to have a broad knowledge of various software and coding languages, as well as an understanding of design patterns and principles.

2. Software Developer

Here you are expected to understand computer languages ​​such as HTML, C++, Java, Python, and PHP. Typical tasks are writing and debugging code for driven applications, then modifying software and testing and documenting applications.

3. Security Engineer

As a security engineer, you will be responsible for implementing the best strategy to protect the company’s internal network from unwanted leaks.

4. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer acts as a bridge between developers, IT staff, and the operations team. Typical tasks are building development tools and infrastructure, testing and analyzing code before deployment, working to automate development processes, and monitoring processes throughout the software development cycle.

5. Mobile Application Developer

Here you will create applications and development for use on mobile devices. Not only programming languages ​​and mobile operating systems, but here he must also understand the user experience of the application to create applications that meet user expectations.

6. Network Technician

The next job opportunity in computer science is a network technician, now every company has now used the wifi network to work. Almost all companies must use it because it needs to fix if something goes wrong on the network that might occur.

7. Software Development Engineer (SDE)

You will work in an industrial setting to design, build, and maintain computer systems and organizational software. Then, the assignments vary widely and depend on skills ranging from computer science to information analysis and computer engineering.

8. Computer or Laptop Service

There are many job vacancies for computer science graduates in Nigeria. So, you can work in private companies or enter State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and multinational companies. The salary income is different for each type of work, especially if they think you are an expert.

How? The computer science career path is very broad and is really needed in the current and future globalization era.