Business Travel by Hays Travel

Business Travel by Hays Travel

That’s why our travel insurance for business trips covers emergency medical expenses, personal accident and personal liability cover. The number of people who travel for work is on the rise with 1.3 million business travelers every day in the U.S. With 400 million U.S long-distance work trips a year, the profits that can be made from this opportunity are significant, accounting for 28.4% of all travel and tourism revenue. Hotels see a great result from this, with 40% of their total guests being corporate travelers. Airbnb is also gaining from this with over 700,000 companies using the accommodation found through the site for work-related travel.

The annual spend is expected to increase from $1.3 trillion in 2017 to $1.6 trillion by 2020. Most of the spending is on meals (21%), compared to 17% that accounts for flights. This aligns with the fact that most work trips are less than 250 miles away from the point of origin and would, therefore, have cheaper shorter flights. Less than 7% of destinations are more than 1,000 miles away from their point of origin so there is only a small percentage of spending towards long-haul flights. If you travel regularly for business, then our Annual business travel insurance with Business cover option may be the best policy for you. You’re covered for multiple trips and there’s no need to tell us when you’re going, so you can jet away at the last minute.

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With the Business cover option this policy includes cover for business equipment, so your essentials are protected. Business travel insurance can protect you if you need to cancel your trip before you travel, or if you need to curtail your journey. If your departure or your personal belongings are delayed, we can provide some compensation. We’ll even provide legal support to claim compensation for a fatality, or if you fall ill or are injured on your trip. As with our usual policies, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our global team of experts are on hand to provide support and assistance if something goes wrong.

  • Please visit the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office website to ensure your destination is not restricted under any FCDO directive which will affect the cover provided under your insurance policy.
  • Our specialist business travel insurance is designed with professionals in mind.
  • This will allow for a smooth process each time you book as we will know your complete travel requirements.

With over 13,000 people working across five continents and speaking 58 languages, we’ll be by your side wherever your work takes you. This qualification is suitable for a range of learners aged 16 or above wishing to work in the business travel industry. Improve end-to-end experience of business travel processes with our automation while minimising time and costs. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, S8+ and S8 tablets enable business travellers to unleash extraordinary productivity and creativity anytime, anywhere.

How can you improve business traveller experience?

Learners will gain the necessary skills by successfully completing the 3 mandatory units in this specific area of the travel industry. Reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint by incorporating our eco-friendly practices into your travel policy. To help you accomplish your green goals, we offer a variety of environmentally conscious options so you can save the planet, and save your money. We offer expedited services for international passports and visas to take the hassle out of organising, checking and gathering documentation. We ensure your travellers arrive at their destination with the correct travel documentation – even for last-minute emergency trips. One of the main reasons why business travel is important is the personal interaction that builds good foundations for a future or existing relationship.

What is an EHIC or GHIC and what can it offer you?

Corporate travel has grown globally with 2017 seeing $1.3 trillion being spent towards this area, with a predicted increase to $1.6 trillion in 2020 and an even further increase to $1.7 trillion in 2022. So we should remember that today’s business travellers are in a line from the innovators of centuries gone by – and without them, we might never have tasted such delights as tea, coffee and even chocolate. According to the WTO around 30 per cent of international trips these days are for business – and business travel shows no sign of slowing down.