6 Easy lifestyle choices for a healthier you

6 Easy lifestyle choices for a healthier you

The 702 randomized subjects of 60 years or older that were included in the study were evaluated at the 4-, 12-, and 22-month mark over a 2-year trial. Participants in the randomized Experience Corp group had significantly higher levels of generative desire and higher percentages of generative achievement than the controls at each follow-up point. Furthermore, the more hours of engagement in the Experience Corp program, the greater the benefit.

Of interest, some early research suggests that the effect of digital engagement on an individual’s cognitive ability later in life is similar to that observed in in-person communication (128–130). In fact, a study conducted in the US revealed that older adults, after learning to use Facebook, performed 25% better in memory tests than non-Facebook dietforasmallplanet.com users . This approach would not be ethical to apply in a human sample; therefore, studies that aim to observe cause and effect, also known as randomized controlled trials, have not been applied in this area of brain health. To gather evidence, researchers must rely mainly on epidemiological studies in the area of population biology.

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Many children end up providing both practical and emotional care for their parents , often from a very young age. This includes protecting their parents from harm, and looking after the home. Additionally, research examining the benefits of human-animal interactions on human health is a continued source of interest.

  • This is where you will find information about diet, sleep and exercise that will help you to keep your body healthy.
  • There is good evidence that some foods help the body and brain deal better with stress and inflammation and, in doing so, also reduce the risk of depression.
  • Try swapping shop-bought juices and fizzy drinks for fruit infused water, homemade juice or herbal teas for a refreshing, healthy and low-calorie option.
  • A healthy diet includes nutritious foods and limits calories, sugars, and saturated fats.

The chemicals in tobacco get into your bloodstream from the lungs and damage the lining of your arteries. The carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood and this means your heart has to pump harder to supply your body with the oxygen it needs. Additionally the nicotine in cigarettes stimulates your body to produce adrenaline, which makes your heartbeat faster and raises your blood pressure, making your heart work harder. It recommends ingesting green leafy vegetables six times a week, other vegetables at least once a day, and two or more servings of berries per week.

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I also know the importance of being mindful of lifestyle choices so that I can protect my brain and body as I age. Keeping a healthy heart is the most important thing you can do to prevent heart disease. This involves lowering your blood pressure, your cholesterol level sand your risk of developing diabetes.

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Care burdens and worries about family/household finances arising from alcohol addiction. However, there is a cardio-protective effect of moderate alcohol consumption⁴. If you drink, you should limit your consumption to the guidelines and you should not increase the amount you already drink. If you don’t already drink alcohol it’s not recommended that you start using alcohol because of the association of heavy alcohol consumption with a number of disease conditions and increased mortality.

The types of threats that the immune system is looking for include mental challenges, relationship challenges, injuries, irritations, diseases, or toxins. This happens because the continuing stress causes the immune system to produce pro-inflammatory proteins, which signal that there is a threat to the body, even when there is none. Trouble results if pro-inflammatory immune proteins stay active for too long. The pro-inflammatory proteins also cause changes in the brain. Drug abuse is sometimes very visible in public places and is of concern to the public, and has an impact on reported acquisitive crime. Of greater concern for health and wider community well-being are psychoactive substances and new novel drugs, which are not necessarily illegal).

Even though sleep patterns vary substantially between age 25 and 50, the need for sleep does not differ. Recent literature has shown that most adults require between 7 and 8 h of sleep a night to main good physical and brain health . Some of the major changes observed are related to depth of sleep and continuity of sleeping patterns. While most older adults experience no changes in the length of time it takes them to fall asleep, interruption of sleep during the night and early wakening are common. Additionally, older adults also tend to wake up earlier in the morning and find that staying up late becomes more difficult. These changes are a normal part of the aging process and do not affect brain health.

Studies prove, however, that improvements in cognitive function are possible in Alzheimer’s patients with sleep apnea when treated with continuous positive airways pressure . In regards to pathological conditions related to sleep, insomnia is the most widely reported sleep disorder in older adults . Insomnia in older adults is often inaccurately characterized as difficulty falling asleep when it is actually fragmented sleep and difficulty staying asleep.