The Call of the Wild, First Release of 20th Century Studios

Being the first release of 20th Century Studios after the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney, The Call of the Wild adapted the novel of the same name by Jack London, which was published 117 years ago and had previously been raised to the film medium six times (four widescreens, two televisions). That is, do not expect novelty. But as a timeless story, novelty is not an obligation. Moreover, the occasional simplicity of this kind is needed. Without complexity, without importance, without political issues, without superheroes. Only a few living creatures trying to make sense of life. Find this movie on 123movies.

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Set in the 1890s when there was a gold rush in Klondike, the central figure was a pet dog named Buck, who, due to his extraordinarily active attitude, often provoked chaos that was frustrating for the employer. Buck figures are made entirely using CGI. A decision with inconsistent results. Sometimes the feathers like we can really stroke, but on other occasions, it is like Scooby-Doo. But there is a strong reason behind that choice.

Directed by Chris Sanders, assisted by a capable CGI that increased the cost of producing films to $ 125-150 million, was able to produce an exciting spectacle (though never really tense) with eye-catching visuals. And on the sidelines of the spectacle, the script is keen to slip the essence of the story neatly. As the title suggests, The Call of the Wild is a story about a call for a living creature (in the context of this film, a dog) to find its freedom in the wild, as a form of unlimited home.

In the wild, Buck is required to learn to adapt to changes that indicate the absence of a comfort zone. As a guide, Buck occasionally saw the appearance of a yellow-eyed black dog, who often helped him find a way out of trouble. There is ambiguity about the identity of the mysterious dog, even if it refers to his novel, he is the ancestor of Buck, who used to live side by side with ancient humans.