These Movie Characters Wear Masks

In the period of large-scale social restrictions, we are required to wear masks when leaving the house. Well for those of you who are bored with masks, that’s all, maybe you can be inspired by the movie characters wearing masks. You can also go here to see the other.

Darth Vader
The great evil villain from Star Wars has a mask that can intimidate with a distinctive voice, plus rule the kingdom. Vader’s mask looks like a deep black skull, which is terrible.

Bane was present in the film Batman The Dark Knight Rises (2012), he appeared with an iconic mask and super cool, somehow breathing. If you are interested in using a mask as you can, immediately look for it in an online store.

Jason Voorhees
Next, there is Jason Voorhees in the film Friday the 13th. Hide his deformed face under the hockey sports mask. Jason’s origins, when he was a child, were tortured and then vowed to kill everyone who returned to Camp Crystal Lake.

Boba Fett
Next is the Boba Fett helmet that is present in the Star Wars franchise.