Problems with Email Accounts

First you have to see that you have internet connection or not. If you find that you cannot access any web page then it is for sure that the problem is in your internet connection. It has an easy process that you may try and that is first unplug your router and restart your computer. If this cannot solve your problem then you must have to contact your service provider who can definitely solve your problem. If the settings of your computer are all right then you must have to ensure that the authentication is turned on for the outgoing server. This is because to avoid any unauthorized users sending mail from your account.
If the problem still occurs then it is better to delete the account and set up again. If you are still cannot receive or send mail please take note the error messages.

You must check your security software

Sometimes, firewall problems and even an anti-virus can stop your email program from receiving or sending any mail. This may happen due to virus definition updates or a firewall is accidentally configured to block email traffic.

I am getting my messages from emails back, why?

There are two possibilities of getting back the emails.

* Someone is spoofing your domain. They do this because by doing this they can send emails and the emails got bounced back. They do not use the spammer but they are placed in the header.

* The other possibility may be your mail server which has compromised. The only thing that may happen through a compromised password, a vulnerable application or a compromised computer. You have to change all your passwords, have to run anti-virus and you must sure about your applications that you are running are secure and up to date.

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